Discover the Beauty of North East India with IRCTC Tourism

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A treasure trove of diverse history, fascinating culture and incredible natural beauty, India’s North East region continues to enchant travellers from far and wide. Because of its geographic location and inaccessibility, the area had remained unexplored for the longest time. But as more and more adventurous backpackers make their way to this pristine land, they […]

IRCTC Presents – The Ultimate Rann Utsav Tour Package

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A unique festival that celebrates the mystical magic of Kutch, RannUstav is one of the most anticipated tourism extravaganzas in the country. Perfect for people from all age groups, this event truly celebrates the incredible diversity of Kutch. Starting in November 2021, the event will continue through the winter months till February 2022, giving tourists […]

Open Doors to Divinity with IRCTC Tourism’s Shri Ramayana Yatra

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The home of holiness, India is filled with spiritual destinations that must be visited by anyone who wants a truly Indian experience. A country that celebrates diverse beliefs, be it Hinduism or Islam, Buddhism or Christianity, Jainism or Sikhism, there is no dearth of prominent religious sites such as temples, gurudwaras, mosques, churches, monasteries and […]

North East Discovery: Beyond Guwahati by IRCTC Tourism

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A gorgeous, remote land that has remained inaccessible to outsiders for the longest time, India’s North-Eastern region is blessed with scenic natural beauty, distinct historical culture and fascinating ethnic heritage. From the craggy mountains to the deep, mysterious forests, from the warm people to their fascinating culture, from the gently flowing rivers to the archaic […]

Seek Blessing of Lord Ram with IRCTC Tourism’s Shri Ramanaya Yatra

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An enchanting land dotted with holy places amidst its diverse landscapes, cultures and climates, India is a mosaic of spiritual experiences. With opulent temples, beautiful mosques, serene monasteries and resplendent gurudwaras, India is truly the home of holiness. As one of the most prominent religions in the country, Hinduism can be felt in every nook […]

Explore North India Like Never Before with IRCTC Tourism’s Uttara Bharat Yatra

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Discover the most coveted gems of North India with our IRCTC Tourism ‘Uttara Bharat Yatra’ holiday package, the perfect mix of religious destinations and sightseeing attractions. From the sacred shrine of Mata Vaishno Devi to the white wonder of the Taj Mahal, this journey is filled with the best of Indian attractions. Perfect for your […]