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Embrace Nepal’s charms with a Lucknow to Kathmandu & Pokhara tour package

Lucknow to Pokhara tour package

This summer vacations lets spend some time seeking blessings from PASHUPATINATH & DARSHAN OF MANOKAMNA MANDIR alongwith visit to POKHARA ……IRCTC Lucknow Office brings you the solution for this…………..

Kathmandu & Pokhara, in Nepal, is popular as one of the most serene and delightful places to spend some leisurely time. Adorned with stunning landscapes with valleys, lakes, and hills around, Kathmandu & Pokhara caters to the needs of travel aficionados. The Nepal-Pashupatinath and Manokamna Mandir Darshan tour package offered by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC), is a great pick to explore this heaven on earth.

With this tour package, you can not only explore the vibrant and tranquil ambiance of Nepal but also add a dash of spirituality to your trip. Check out IRCTC’s latest Lucknow to Nepal tour package here and book your tickets in no time. Read on to learn more about this tour package and start your journey with IRCTC.

Key attractions of the IRCTC Kathmandu and Pokhara tour plan

IRCTC’s tour packages always stick by providing tourists with the best travel experience. From services onboard to places covered in the itinerary, everything is worth spending a fortune on. With this particular tour package, many extraordinary moments await you. Moreover, there are also several natural wonders, Tibetan Refugees Centre, and temples, that you must not miss out on. Let’s take a look at the Pokhara, Kathmandu tour package offered by IRCTC and all the key highlights of this package:

Tour Itinerary: Lucknow- Kathmandu- Pokhara- Kathmandu-Lucknow
Duration: 4 Nights and 5 Days
Package Price: Rs. 44600/-
Travel Mode: Flight- Indigo Airlines/Buddha Air
Date of Departure: 21.05.2024 & 25.06.2024

The vibrant and beguiling hues of this country are sure to grab your attention and fill your heart with enthralling memories. Some of the most popular and unblemished destinations of this Nepal tour package include a visit to the following temples and places of attractions:

Pashupatinath temple- It is an important temple to Lord Pashupatinath, a manifestation of Lord Shiva. Capturing the essence of Lord Shiva, the temple is great for spiritual awakening and holds an esteemed regard among Hindus.

Boudhanath Stupa- One of the most popular places and pilgrimage sites for the ardent followers of Buddhism, the Boudhanath Stupa, is a must-visit place in Kathmandu.

Budhanilkantha-Known for its spiritual as well as historical significance, the Budhanilkantha temple in Kathmandu is an important shrine for both Buddhism and Hinduism. The temple is famous for the statue of Lord Vishnu in the reclining posture. Do check out this picturesque temple with your Kathmandu tour package and experience the oppressive air of devotion and history like never before.

Manokamna temple- As the name Manokamna in which the word Mana translates as heart, and Kamana as wish, the temple is famous for fulfilling all your wishes. It is dedicated to Goddess Parvati and is one of the most admired sacred Hindu temples in Nepal.

Patan Durbar Square- Famous for several ancient royal places and shrines, Patan Durbar Square is one of the most unmissable places in Nepal. The exquisite Newari architectural designs and the carvings here are sure to leave you spellbound.

Bindhyabasini temple- The Bindhyabasini temple is a famous hub for sacred fervor and exuberance. This Durga temple in Pokhara is one of the key holy attractions that you must not miss on your Lucknow to Nepal tour package.

Sarangkot- Blessed with enchanting natural grace, Sarangkot is famous for bringing you the best and the most panoramic Himalayan views. From the Sarangkot view tower, you can witness the stunning sunrise and sunset of the Himalayan peaks and experience the vibrant hues with a dash of serenity around you.

Devil’s Fall- Add some thrill to your Nepal tour package, with a visit to the Devil’s Fall. The adventure, beauty, and natural ambiance of this place are sure to enhance your tour experience.

Gupteshwar Mahadev Cave- Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Gupteshwar Mahadev Cave in Nepal holds immense spiritual significance for seekers and ardent Lord Shiva devotees. Make sure to visit this amazing cave before you proceed for your return journey from Kathmandu to Lucknow tourism.

IRCTC’s diligently curated tour packages never fail to impress travel enthusiasts. From delightful natural and picturesque wonders to ancient sacred temples in Nepal, there’s a lot that you will get to witness on your Lucknow to Nepal tour package. A soul-stirring trip like this is nowhere else to be found. Get ready to explore the best of Nepal with IRCTC today.