Charter Coach, Train or Saloon Cars with IRCTC


Imagine travelling an entire coach to yourself or even better, a train to yourself! Seems like a dream? Absolutely not. With IRCTC’s FTR service open for bookings, users have the option to book from 3 options. Find out the exciting details below.

What can you charter?

The three options available to book are – Railway Coach Charter, Train Charter and Saloon Charter.

Railway coach charter is the service of booking an entire coach exclusively to yourself. Depending on the coach size, minimum seating is from 18 seats up to 100 seats. Now, depending on your requirement, you can pick from the available 16 options. There are multiple journeys and trains available which can be chosen at the time of bookings.

Train Charter is for bigger groups, or all to yourself where the entire train is available to book. The only co-passengers would be the ones travelling with you. Imagine how fun of a journey it’d be of a full train charter.

Saloon Charter is a special service which comes under the luxury category. The saloon cars can are like a moving home and have luxurious amenities like living room, attached baths, living and dining area, and a kitchenette. A valet is also provided with this service. The advantage of Saloon charter is that, it can be attached in all Mail/Express trains without any restriction.

More details

  • Trains of maximum 24 Coach can be chartered.
  • Anyone can check the details of trains on which charter coaches can be attached
  • Speedy refund of RMSD (Registration Money cum Security Deposit)
  • New registration mandatory for Coach/Train charters
  • Approval/ Rejection intimated through SMS/ E-mail
  • Time bound approval
  • Complete transparency in bookings
  • Can book Coach /Train from 30 days to 6 months in advance
  • Trains can be chartered for marriage parties and religious tours
  • Fixed Security Deposit of Rs 50,000/ per coach.

How can your charter?

  • Check the train you want to attach your charter coach or select your train composition for train charters.
  • Specify booking type, route and number of coaches you want to charter
  • Once request is submitted you will get reference number and registration amount to be paid for registering your booking online.
  • Payment of registration amount must be within 6 days

For more details concerning to charter railway coach or charter train, log on to https://www.ftr.irctc.co.in/