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Traveling to spiritually dominated destinations is certainly an effective way to rekindle mindfulness, bring peace, and have a transformative experience in life. In India, there are several places that feature spirituality, culture, and history. Varanasi (Kashi), Prayagraj (Allahabad), Ayodhya, and Bodhgaya are some of the most revered spots that one must visit at least once. These places are not just confined to adding some devotional bliss to your life, but also great for tapping into the rich authentic Indian culture and heritage. The IRCTC Ayodhya Varanasi tour package covering these places is all you need to scale up your spiritual enrichment and sanctity like never before. Read on and learn more about this tour package and indulge in divinity in comfort and style with IRCTC.

Destinations Covered in the IRCTC Pilgrimage Tour

Being a popular name in the travel and tourism industry, IRCTC consistently endeavors to bring the best travel experience to people. The various pilgrimage tour packages by IRCTC showcase the deep-rooted culture and spiritual essence India has in store. Traversing the most iconic religious destinations including Varanasi (Kashi), Prayagraj (Allahabad), Ayodhya, and Bodhgaya, this holy tour package is a rejuvenating experience for tourists. You need not book distinctive Bodhgaya tour packages or any other destination. Simply get the IRCTC tour package details and head for your much-awaited journey. Let’s take a look at the most revered spots that are included in this journey:

  • Varanasi(Kashi)- Varanasi, in Uttar Pradesh, is one of the oldest cities in the world. It is a prominent destination in the Hindu mythology. Known as the abode of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, Varanasi is a blessed location. Moreover, it is believed that if one is graced to die on the holy land of Varanasi, would attain salvation. Further, one can easily be free from the cycle of birth and death.
  • Prayagraj(Allahabad)- Prayagraj is one of the largest cities in Uttar Pradesh, and is a highly sacred destination. Nestled at the confluence of three rivers Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati, Prayagraj has a rich history and holds special significance in the Hindu religion. With a Prayagraj (Allahabad tour package), you can explore enchanting places of religious significance in no time.
  • Ayodhya- Situated at the banks of the Saryu River, Ayodhya, also known as Saket, is an ancient Indian city. It is the birthplace of Lord Rama and the place of the great epic Ramayana. It is considered one of the most special places of pilgrimage in the Hindu religion.
  • Bodhgaya- Bodhgaya is one of the most sacred centres of pilgrimage. It is the place where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. Being the place of enlightenment, Bodhgaya is considered a highly Buddhist pilgrimage site. Unlike the separate Bodhgaya tour packages, IRCTC’s comprehensive tour packages covering different destinations are great for walking towards spirituality.

Know all about the ‘Holy Kashi with Ayodhya-Prayagraj and Bodhgaya’ tour

Commencing from Coimbatore, the IRCTC holy tour to Varanasi, Prayagraj (Allahabad), and Ayodhya, is the ultimate gateway to a path of divinity and tranquility. It is a five nights and six days tour, starting at Rs. 43,480/-, that ensures an enthralling visit to the iconic religious sites of India. The tour dates are from 02.06.2024 to 07.06.2024. The thoughtfully curated Ayodhya, Prayagraj, Bodh gaya, and Varanasi tour package by IRCTC could be your gateway to a life of tranquility and bliss. Let’s take a look at the itinerary of this tour package:

Day 1- Depart from Coimbatore for Varanasi airport. From there, proceed to Bodhgaya Check in at the hotel in Bodhgaya for dinner and overnight stay.
Day 2- On the second day of your tour, enjoy a scrumptious breakfast at the hotel and then head to explore Gaya rituals and visit some temples. In the afternoon, get ready to proceed to Varanasi and indulge in India’s one of the most culturally rich and pious cities. Check-in at the hotel, have your dinner, and enjoy an overnight stay.
Day 3- For the third day of your Ayodhya Varanasi tour package, get ready to tick off an enthralling visit to some of the popular temples in Varanasi. Begin your spiritual quest with the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, which is one of the most revered Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. Nestled in the western end of the holy Ganges river, the temple is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas.
After this, comes the Vishalakshi Temple, which is dedicated to the Shakti form of Goddess Sati. Additionally, you’ll get to visit the Annapurna Temple, dedicated to Devi Annapurna (Goddess of food), and also Sarnath. Post these visits, witness centuries-old ceremonies of the enthralling Ganga Arti and other rituals and relish the mesmerizing feeling here. Explore the much-awaited destinations with zest and zeal, and then proceed for dinner and overnight stay in the hotel, marking the end of the third day of your tour.
Day 4- Before starting your fourth day of your Ayodhya Varanasi tour package, enjoy a delectable breakfast meal and then proceed to Prayagraj (previously known as Allahabad). Visit the Triveni Sangam, a sacred confluence of the Ganga Yamuna, and Saraswati rivers, and the Patalpuri Hanuman Temple. After this exuberant visit, head to the divine Ayodhya. Check in at the hotel and enjoy a mouthwatering dinner, post which you can have an overnight stay at the hotel.
Day 5- Have your breakfast before heading for the magnificent and the most special visit to the Ram Janmabhoomi, Hanuman Garhi Temple, and a few other religious sites. Post this soul-stirring temple visit, proceed to Varanasi. Check in at the hotel, and enjoy a scrumptious dinner meal followed by an overnight stay.
Day 6- On the last day of your tour, enjoy a delicious breakfast meal, then check out from the hotel and get ready to bid farewell to a memorable tour. Depart from Varanasi, and head back to Coimbatore.

What’s included in this tour package?

The IRCTC Holy Kashi with Ayodhya-Prayagraj and Bodhgaya tour package has the below-mentioned inclusions:

  • Flight tickets in economy class for the Coimbatore-Varanasi-Coimbatore journey.
  • Hotel accommodation in Varanasi (3 nights), Ayodhya(1 night) and Bodhgaya (1 night)with air-conditioned rooms. Along with the accommodation, tourists will also get breakfast and dinner facilities here.
  • Transfers and sightseeing according to the itinerary of the tour (on SIC basis) in air-conditioned vehicles.
  • IRCTC tour escort services.
  • Toll parking, driver allowances, and all applicable taxes for the aforementioned services.


A devotional tour is nothing less than a catalyst for the spiritual progress of an individual. Bringing a sense of self-discovery, and peace, a pilgrimage tour is a soul-stirring experience. IRCTC’s Ayodhya Varanasi tour package covers some of the most revered destinations. The tour not just introduces one to the places of spiritual significance, but also showcases the vibrant ambiance and the rich cultural heritage India has to offer.

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