Revel in Scenic Beauty with IRCTC’s Bhutan Tour Package

Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has long been in the forefront of
revolutionising train travel in India. As the primary arm of the Indian Railways in charge of
catering and tourism, along with IRCTC e-ticketing, it has constantly prioritised consumer
comfort and convenience. The addition of several services and features over the years has
further strengthened its dedication to improving the passenger experience. Read on how IRCTC
emerged as a beacon of comfort and convenience for its customers.
One of the most notable advancements by IRCTC is its online ticket booking facility. Gone are
the days of waiting in long queues at railway stations. The IRCTC website and Rail Connect
App now allow passengers to book tickets from the comfort of their own homes. The interface is
user-friendly, allowing individuals to browse with ease. The app has enhanced self-
authentication security features, for instance, the PIN is used to login without having to input the
username and password every time. You may now check the availability of trains, routes, and
seats without logging in. In addition, it accepts online train reservation for Ladies, Tatkal,
Premium Tatkal, Divyangjan, Lower Berth/Senior Citizen, and General Quota train tickets.
IRCTC has also implemented specific services for travellers with disabilities and senior citizens,
recognising the diverse needs of its clientele. Concessional fare options for senior citizens make
train travel more affordable. These considerate enhancements demonstrate IRCTC’s all-
inclusive customer service approach.
In conjugation of booking train tickets online, now convenience commences even before you
board the train. IRCTC’s e-catering has revolutionised the way passengers think about food on
trains. IRCTC has partnered with renowned food brands and restaurants like Faasos,
Dominoes, OwenStory, Eat Sure, Lunchbox, and more, allowing passengers to order meals to
be delivered right to their seats. This service assures that passengers are no longer forced to
rely solely on the pantry car, which frequently has limited options. Instead, individuals can enjoy
multiple cuisines that cater to different tastes and nutritional needs. Whether it’s a piping hot
pizza, delicious vada pav, or a traditional Indian thali, IRCTC makes sure passengers have
access to quality meals during their journey.
The advent of IRCTC’s Air service is another feather in its cap. Through this platform, travellers
can book cheap flights with no hidden charges, get free travel insurance up to 50 lakhs,
extending IRCTC’s reach beyond railways. The integration of various modes of travel into a
single platform epitomises convenience that provides a smooth and convenient travel planning

experience for customers. IRCTC Air offers a complete range of travel services to meet the
needs of its clients, regardless of their purpose of travel.
In recent years, IRCTC has expanded into the tourist sector with a diverse range of tour
packages. These packages cater to all kinds of travellers, from budget-conscious backpackers
to luxury seekers. IRCTC provides everything from pilgrimage tours to adventure vacations, so
there's always something for everyone. These packages are crafted, covering transportation,
accommodation, sightseeing, making travel planning easier for customers.
IRCTC extends comfort for the long-distance travellers with luxury train experiences. The
Maharajas' Express, The Golden Chariot and Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train are prime examples
of how IRCTC is catering to those who seek opulence and comfort. These trains are equipped
with world-class amenities that include fine dining, spacious cabins, personalised services and
more. They offer curated itineraries that take passengers through some of India’s most scenic
and culturally rich destinations.
As an organisation, IRCTC truly stands for its customers and strives to bring comfort and
convenience to every journey. It has transformed train travel in India by combining
technological advancements, improved services, and a customer-focused approach. Whether
it's the convenience of IRCTC E-ticketing, the quality of onboard services, or the emphasis on
safety and sustainability, IRCTC is always setting new benchmarks for the travel industry. As
IRCTC expands, travellers can expect even more enhancements and innovations, making each
voyage a pleasant and memorable experience.

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