Seek Blessing of Lord Ram with IRCTC Tourism’s Shri Ramanaya Yatra

An enchanting land dotted with holy places amidst its diverse landscapes, cultures and climates, India is a mosaic of spiritual experiences. With opulent temples, beautiful mosques, serene monasteries and resplendent gurudwaras, India is truly the home of holiness. As one of the most prominent religions in the country, Hinduism can be felt in every nook and corner because of the presence of thousands of temples, ghats, sacred pilgrimage sites, ashrams and more. One of the most important holy texts for Hindus is the epic Ramayana and undertaking ‘Shri Ramayana Yatra’ is one of the most profound religious experiences of a devotee’s life. Keeping this in mind, IRCTC has introduced special Ramayana Yatra tour packages and Sri Lanka Ramayana Yatra tour packages that take pilgrims across the Ramayana circuit in utmost comfort. If you have been looking for a soul-searching pilgrim special tour package, then look no further. IRCTC Tourism’s religious tour package ‘Shri Ramayana Yatra’ is here to take you to all the places associated with the life and times of Lord Ram. Take a look at the package in a little more detail below.