Revel in Scenic Beauty with IRCTC’s Bhutan Tour Package

Boarding a train in India has always been an adventure that unites people from different
backgrounds, cultures, and landscapes. To make your journey as comfortable and enjoyable as
possible, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) plays an important role
in this experience. In recent years, IRCTC has revolutionised significantly to cater to the unique
needs of every passenger. One of the standout aspects of IRCTC catering services are the
wide variety of cuisines available to accommodate different food preferences.

IRCTC’s railway comfort services are designed with a passenger-first approach, taking into
account the diverse requirements of the passengers. An extended arm of Indian Railways,
IRCTC manoeuvres the hospitality and catering services at stations, on trains and other
destinations with the aim of encouraging domestic and international through development of
budget hotels, special tour packages, information and commercial publicity and global
reservation systems.

Train travel comfort is at high stakes for IRCTC which goes beyond the ease of booking
tickets for trains and flights. The availability of on-board fresh and hygienic meals, multiple
charging points, and overall quality services ensures that every passenger reaches their
destination with contentment. Dining services have also significantly improved, offering diverse
meal alternatives catering to different preferences of passengers. The meals are prepared in
modern, state of the art kitchens that adhere to strict quality and hygiene standards. Whether it’s
a quick snack or a wholesome dinner, passengers can savour freshly cooked food that is served
in a clean environment.

Another important aspect of modern IRCTC services is medical help on trains. Given that
medical emergencies can strike at any time, trains are now outfitted with basic medical facilities
and first aid equipment. In the event of a medical emergency, the on-board staff will standardly
notify the next stop and send information right away to the station, where the closest Hospital
from the Station is accessible. Train doctors arrive at stations ahead of schedule to tend to
medical emergencies. All passengers, especially those with health concerns, can travel by rail
with greater safety knowing that they will have access to medical support.

IRCTC’s railway customer support has also evolved to improve the entire journey experience.
Customer support services are now more easily available and effective, covering everything
from ticket booking to answering queries about your journey. Customer service agents are 24/7
easily accessible to passengers. For general information, mail at or give a call
on customer care number – 14646 (Language – Hindi and English). In addition, IRCTC also provides a platform – Rail Drishti, a single window to view, analyse, and monitor the key parameters of Indian Railways, digitally, informing passengers and easing their anxiety about
travel uncertainties.

The constant developments and improvements in IRCTC’s catering services demonstrate the
focus on meeting the individual demands of each passenger. Millions of travellers around the
world choose train travel because it prioritises comfort, safety, and convenience that redefines
the norms of train travel in India. Regardless of the distance of the trip—a quick commute or a
cross-state one—the dedication of IRCTC to offer sterling services assures that each passenger
must experience a relaxing and enjoyable travel experience.

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