Revel in Scenic Beauty with IRCTC’s Bhutan Tour Package

Trains are the lifeline of our nation and millions of people travel vast distances through trains on
a daily basis. The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited, IRCTC, has
constantly enhanced customer services and facilitation in railway catering, hospitality, travel and
tourism with the best industry practices. Nevertheless, the concept of IRCTC Hospitality goes
beyond solely transporting passengers to their destinations. It promotes an all-inclusive travel
experience that emphasises comfort, convenience, and takes care of demands of the

Redefining Train Travel Comfort
In India, travelling by train has long been a common way to get around. Along the same line,
IRCTC has consistently upped the ante for train travel comfort. The advent of contemporary
amenities, clean coaches, and comfortable seating has transformed how people view train
travel. IRCTC’s efforts to upgrade the quality of seats, provide clean linens, and maintain
hygienic washrooms ensure that passengers can relax and enjoy their travels without any
IRCTC's commitment to providing excellent onboard services is evident. The introduction of e-
catering services has completely transformed the dining experience on trains. Through the
IRCTC website and mobile app, passengers can order a variety of meals from popular
restaurants, guaranteeing that food is delivered fresh and hygienic to their seats.
Furthermore, IRCTC offers a varied selection of scrumptious palates and dietary meals, owing
to the partnership with prominent food suppliers and chains like Dominoes, Faasos, Oven Story,
Railofy, Rajbogh Khana, and more. The quality and variety of food provided reflects the high
standards of IRCTC’s hospitality, ensuring that passengers can savour delectable meals
during their voyage.

Unmatched Customer Service
Tailored service is a key component of IRCTC onboard services strategy. Recognising that
every passenger is unique, IRCTC strives to meet each passenger's distinct needs and
preferences. The IRCTC website and mobile app make it easier for travellers to buy tickets,
place meal orders, and use a variety of other services. Furthermore, the IRCTC customer
service team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to address any inquiries or
concerns, ensuring that travellers receive prompt assistance.

The company has put a number of creative ideas into practice to improve the IRCTC travel
experience. With the 'Rail Madad' app, for instance, travellers can report issues and track their
resolution in real time. Passengers gain trust and confidence from this accountability and
transparency since they know that their problems will be resolved quickly.
Additionally, IRCTC gives passenger security and safety an elevated priority. IRCTC regularly
evaluates, controls, and mitigates hazards in its operations to proactively manage health and
safety risks. Frequent assurance programmes guarantee the timely execution of remedial
measures, upholding a safe and secure work environment.
In order to assure that the highest standards of safety are maintained in all activities, IRCTC
employs health and safety management concepts and makes use of the hierarchy of controls,
which includes substitution, engineering controls, administrative controls, work procedures, and
personal protective equipment.
Enhancing the Overall Travel Experience
IRCTC’s tour packages are another instance of how it goes above and beyond to improve the
travel experience with its tour packages. These packages offer curated travel itineraries
covering transportation, accommodation, and guided tours, liberating travellers from the burden
of organising their own travel arrangements and enabling them to visit diverse destinations.
IRCTC guarantees an unforgettable and enriching travel experience for its passengers,
regardless of whether they are travelling for a pilgrimage tour, a heritage journey or undertaking
a scenic train ride.
Apart from its exceptional hospitality, IRCTC also commits to social responsibility and
sustainability. IRCTC is enthusiastic about safeguarding the environment, demonstrated by
initiatives such as promoting the use of bio toilets, minimising plastic usage, and implementing
waste management practices. Through the incorporation of sustainable practices into its
operations, IRCTC hopes to minimise its environmental impact and make a positive contribution
to a cleaner and greener future.
IRCTC sets the tone for hospitality in the railway industry, continuing to innovate and enhance
its services. IRCTC is more than a travel service provider; it's a reliable companion that
prepends magic to every trip. The warmth of the staff, the food quality, and the comfort of the
seats – IRCTC’s hospitality is indubitably at the core of Indian train travel.

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