Best Holiday Destinations in India

15 Places in India Every Tourist Must Visit

famous tourist places in India

“So much of who we are is where we have been.” – William Langewiesche

Want some travel inspiration? There is nothing like exploring the hidden gems of one’s own country. Take a look at these 15 places in India that are sure to give you major wanderlust.

  • Assam: The gateway to northeast India, Assam is a veritable paradise of wild forests, mighty rivers, and endless acres of aromatic tea plantations. Visit this untouched and blissful biodiversity hotspot during winters for the best experience.
  • Bir Biling: Want to feel that rush of adrenaline? Plan an adventure to one of the world’s best spots for paragliding, Bir Biling, a small town in Himachal Pradesh. Get the most exciting treks, dangerous hikes, and other adventure sports in this beautiful land of Tibetan monasteries.
  • Coorg: Popularly known as the ‘Scotland of India’, Coorg with its perpetually misty landscape and dotting green hills is a top tourist place in India for nature lovers. Its breathtaking exotic scenery and intoxicating spice and coffee plantations are best explored in the months between September and June.
  • Dhanaulti: An offbeat destination nestled quietly in the hills of Uttarakhand, Dhanaulti is like a long-lost pleasant dream that brings with it peace, comfort, and quiet. So, if you are looking for a tranquil weekend getaway, then pack your bags and head straight to this scenic and pristine haven.
  • Goa: No list of famous tourist places in India can be complete without a mention of the national party destination, Goa. So, make that Goa plan happen and enjoy the most exciting holiday in the golden land of sun, sand, and sea with your loved ones.
  • Jodhpur: One of the most famous tourist places in India, the ‘Gateway to Thar’ offers a slice of royal heaven on a platter. Located in the middle of Rajasthan, it is the perfect city if you want to explore invincible forts, ancient temples, bustling bazaars, and the colorful heritage of royal India.
  • Kerala: A place that needs no introduction. Visit ‘God’s Own Country’ during the winter season to enjoy the best of relaxing walks along the seashore, lip-smacking meals, boat rides on breathtaking backwaters, and lots more.
  • Lakshadweep: The smallest union territory in India, the mystical and beautiful islands of Lakshadweep lie far off the beaten track, and in their remoteness lies an irresistible charm.
  • Manikaran: A revered pilgrimage destination for Sikhs and Hindus, the three hot springs of Manikaran Sahib are believed to have a curative effect on diseases. Surrounded by an array of illustrious temples, these springs make for a popular destination among religious followers.
  • Ooty: ‘Queen of the Nilgiris’, Ooty is a picturesque hill station that enjoys immense popularity as a honeymoon destination because of its panoramic views, breathtaking locales, and lush greenery. Sprawling across its gorgeous landscape are serene waterfalls, winding country lanes, and charming colonial mansions that make it a top choice for an idyllic holiday.
  • Pondicherry: Also known as ‘The French Riviera of the East’, Pondicherry is a dreamy escape with charming colonial architecture because it is a former French colony. If cozy cafes, delectable French cuisine, bougainvillea laden walls, and chic boutiques are what you are looking for, then Pondicherry should be next on your travel bucket list.
  • Rishikesh: A tranquil spiritual center that is also an excellent hub of exciting water activities, this one offers the best of both the worlds. So, whether you want to meditate in the ‘Yoga Capital of the World’ or get your heart racing while trying bungee jumping or whitewater rafting, Rishikesh is where you should be.
  • Spiti: One of the coldest places in India, Spiti valley is an adventure enthusiast’s paradise. Visit this trekking mecca for unforgettable glimpses of cold desert and mighty snow-capped mountains situated at an altitude of 12,500 feet above sea level.
  • Visakhapatnam: Although not a top tourist place in India, Visakhapatnam is an underrated gem with stunning clean beaches along the Indian coastline, historic caves, mesmerizing waterfalls, and a rich cultural past.
  • Ziro Valley: A peace seeker’s dream come true, Ziro Valley is a beautiful town in Arunachal Pradesh, renowned for its pine hills, expansive rice fields, and unique tribal culture. Visit this serene place any time of the year and you will be able to enjoy its pleasant climate.

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