Indian Railways Saloon Coach

Indian railways saloon coaches were available only for railway officials previously. However, In April 2018 they were made available to public. Passengers can easily charter one and enjoy the luxurious accommodation.

The coach is a combination of a dining room and a living room with two bedrooms and one bathroom. There is a kitchen, an attached bathroom and a rear view window to watch the surroundings as you make your way to the destination. There are no hiccups at all in the journey as a valet is catered to you at all times looking after your smallest needs from fetching a new toothbrush to cleaning the mat stamped with dusty footmarks . A family of four can settle comfortably in the saloon and admire the exquisite interiors while revelling in the royal feeling the cabin gives. That’s not all, two families can stay in a coach at a time. A three course meal over riveting conversation is guaranteed whenever you want it.

The air conditioned and thick walled saloon coach helps you sleep well limiting noise and other distractions. There won’t be any problems in getting your bags as there are separate cupboards and cabinets in the coach to unpack properly and stay organized. Any worries of spilling food must be dispensed as the coach belongs only to you.

The Itinerary is adhered to with discipline and the train proceeds without any delays. You will never forget this imperial experience which will make you and your family members feel closer to each other because of IRCTC’s terrific Saloon Coach.