Rejuvenate & Refresh At Renovated Retiring Rooms!

What makes a trip comforting is number of factors, beginning right from a dependable mode of transportation to a good hotel room to picturesque views. All these elements form a great and memorable trip.

Taking a cue from the same, IRCTC launched Renovated Railway Retiring Rooms at select Railway Stations, which allow a passenger to book a room or bed for stay at the Station itself. This saves times if one is planning to tour multiple cities or simply is looking forward to cheap stays in the Railway Station itself.

The Renovated Retiring Rooms is a pay as you use concept, offering customers a very unique experience with a luxurious air-conditioned stay on flexible hourly packages, managed by IRCTC. The facility provides travellers, access to top-notch services like 24-hours check-in and check-out which makes it very flexible for travellers.

The rooms are well equipped with comfortable beds and hygienic beddings to ensure a comfortable stay in the Station premises whether you’re travelling solo or with friends and family. More amenities like round the clock hot/cold shower facility, toiletries, internet, luggage drop facility, coffee & many more are available hourly basis.

All washrooms are built with modern facilities like hot and cold showers, western toilet, and more. Passengers can also enjoy the lobby area where lounge chairs are set with coffee tables to relax and chit chat with fellow travellers or simply enjoy a meal.

The Renovated Retiring Rooms at Kacheguda is available in 4 packages with tariff as follows and can be booked online.

Package Capacity 1 Hour 3 Hours 6 Hours 9 Hours 24 Hours
Chaise Lounge (1 Person per Bed) 5 Beds 149.00 249.00 399.00 599.00 1199.00
Bunker Bed (1 Person per Bed) 4 Beds 199.00 349.00 599.00 799.00 1399.00
Double Room (2 persons per Room) 2 Beds 449.00 799.00 1199.00 1999.00
Bunker Room (4 Persons per Room) 4 Beds 699.00 1199.00 1799.00 3199.00


Other Railway Stations where the Renovated Retiring Rooms are presently available for booking include Udupi and Bilaspur. Madurai and Tirupati Railway Stations will have similar facilities in the near future.

How convenient is this service? Visitors can book the these facilities online by logging on to website https://www.rr.irctctourism.com